Early Music Freiburg

Bild: Ensemble Freiburger Spielleyt

“… a highly professional group of musicians who have devoted themselves to medieval music.” Stuttgarter Zeitung 2001

The Freiburger Spielleyt is one the pre-eminent ensembles for early music. Many concerts in the field of sacred as well as secular music, broadcast, TV and CD-recordings made the ensemble famous.
The group is known for their joy of music in connection with a conscious interpretation of historical sources, and: “… they have an excellent soprano amongst them. Regina Kabis has a wonderful and clear timbre which sounds as if it were just made for early music.”
(Heidenheimer Neue Presse 2001)

Bild: Ensemble Freiburger SpielleytImpressive pictures of life in the middle-ages emanate from their concerts. “The artists show also acting talent and they know how to choose sensitive words when introducing the public to music and text.”

Their repertoire ranges from the simple accompanied Minnelied and the virtuoso music of the Italian Trecento to the chamber music of the Early Baroque.

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